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Craft Weaving Mill Pirkner

One of the most venerable, old established enterprises in the Lungau region is the Pirkner weaving mill. Known generally as the ‘Sauerfelder Weaving Mill’ it has been in existence for over 600 years. As long ago as the year 1388 a chronicler reported that a weaver was working for Count Kuenburg in Sauerfeld. In 1875 Johann Pirkner rented a room in Sauerfeld. From there he went from place to place working as a weaver. In 1883 he acquired the shabby old weaver’s house in Sauerfeld, where he produced mainly linen for the local rural population. In 1919 Sebastian Pirkner took over the business and five years later he began using old,  traditional patterns to make fine art and craft products. In 1949 the family business moved to newly built  premises. From 1953 until 1987 his daughter, Maria Pirkner was in charge of  the business. Since then the five handlooms have been managed by Rosalinde Kunstner, a niece of Maria Pirkner.
The hand weaving mill at Sauerfeld has in the meantime become a symbol of top quality craftsmanship. Its products are sold in practically every country in the world. Judge them yourself. The range of goods on sale is very wide, from furnishing materials and curtains to traditional linen and country cloth.

Contact: Rosalinde Künstner, Phone: +43(0)676-3703086