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High Altitude Cross-Country Trail on the Preber


On cross-country skiing tours you can savour the fresh air and the marvellous landscapes around you. At an altitude of between 1100m and 1500m every cross country ski fan will be guaranteed to get his money’s worth. For nature lovers there is a beautiful high-level route that is assured of snow.

This masterpiece of a trail is 8 km long and passes through snow-covered mountain pastures and meadows. For experienced cross-country skiers with sporting ambitions there is an extremely well maintained ski skating section that is about 6 km long.

High Altitude Cross-Country Sport Trail

For experienced skiers there is a further demanding high altitude route between 1500m and 1650m and 4.4km long. It starts at the car park near the Prebersee lake and climbs in the direction of Lessach up to the Lara hut. From there it crosses meadow land ascending and descending to the Rupei hut, this then loops back to the Lara hut, and from there back to the starting point.