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The Preber


At the Prebersee, a mountain lake 1500m above sea-level, a special custom haas been maintained for more than 150 years.

The Water-Target Shoot


This is a shooting event which is probably unique in the world. The origins of the custom are not known . The first evidence of it is a target from the year 1834, which can be seen in the Lungau district Museum in Tamsweg.

What is so special about this event?


The marksmen do not aim at the target itself but at its reflection or alternatively at a notional point in the water. The distance is 120m. The shot rebounds off the water and, if the marksman is experienced and skilled, hits the target which is placed on the shore. An additional attraction of this event is the beautiful environment in which it takes place. The lake nestles between forests and mountain pastures far away from industry and mass tourism. The Preber shoot takes place every year on the last weekend in August.